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OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness Analytics Platform - AUK

OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness Analytics Platform - AUK


In the industrial world, managing operational performance is crucial but challenging. To achieve them, tracking and measuring performance is necessary, yet extremely labor intensive and inaccurate. Worst still, you are looking at yesterday’s data.

We believe that having the right data in real-time can uncover your plant’s hidden potential to optimize operational efficiency and maximize throughput. At the same time, the Industrial IoT or Industry 4.0 solution must be made simple and economically viable.

At Auk Industries, our technology enabler - the edge IoT device - is designed to be extremely universal and plug-and-play ready, allowing it to be deployed onto almost all types of machines within minutes. Our secure cloud-based platform will then ingest and analyse the data using our cutting-edge analytics engine to provide end users with insights to execute important business decisions.



Real-time Shopfloor Dashboard

The easy-to-use user interface enables users to drag-and-drop the different operations to form a real-time process flow where the performance of each machine is monitored continuously and the production bottlenecks identified automatically.

Deep Dive into Individual Machine Performance

The robust analytics engine enables a responsive visualisation of machine OEE and high resolution machine output so that manufacturers are able to pinpoint exactly where to reduce costs and increase output.
​Data fusion of different parameters such as temperature, pressure, current, rpm and more ensures that each batch is produced according to stipulated quality requirement.

Reports and Notifications

Set customised threshold to ensure that alarms and notifications are triggered during emergency or breakdowns to reduce downtime.

Auto-generate production reports with just a click.