Zeca - Workshop Reels & Portable Work Lamps

Zeca Hose Reels, Zeca Cable Reels, Zeca Portable Hanheld Lamps.

ZECA was founded approximately 90 years ago as manufacturer of accessories and spare parts for motor vehicles. During the first years of operation, it developed a large number of tools for mechanics and thus, articles were conceived in those years allowing Zeca hose reels and Zeca cable reels to stand out in Italy and abroad.

In the ‘70s, Zeca introduced the product in Italy, which is still known today as “Rotozeca", an automatic spring winder featuring an incandescent lamp holder. Today Zeca counts approx. 20 categories of winders, for a total of approx. 2,500 different models of Hose Reels, Cable Reels Spring Balancer and Handheld Lamps! 

The significant investments made during the years saw the ZECA Company grow through the years and move to a new building of 7,500 square metres, to which a new warehouse of 4,000 square metres was added in 1997 and an additional production plant of 3,000 square metres in 2007.

In these spaces of approx. 14,500 square metres overall, the 50 employees and the approx. 50 external collaborators in charge of sales in Italy and abroad, propose to professionals products that are innovative, of very high quality and compliant with applicable laws.

Thanks to the on-going investments in the field of research, and accurate analyses of the market’s requests, Zeca offers safe products like workshop retractable hose reel, auto rewind electric cable reel, extension power cable cord, and portable working inspection lamp, rechargeable portable lamp that assist the professional in his work.

Zeca Product Range in Singapore

  • Zeca Industrial Hose Reels
  • Zeca Electric Cable Reels
  • Zeca Portable Work Lamps
  • Zeca Spring Tool Balancer
  • Explosion proof with ATEX
  • Extension Reels with Lamps