Werma - Signal Devices & Machine Monitor System

Werma make sure you are seen and heard

WERMA is one of the world's leading companies for optical and audible signal devices. The globally active company from Swabia in Germany is pioneering in terms of technical and future-fit innovations. Our signal devices ensure safe working environments and efficient processes with machines, systems, manufacturing bays and buildings.


Signal devices warn, guide and protect us

WERMA has been developing and manufacturing electrical devices for over 60 years. Our signal devices - Signal Light, Flashing LED Beacon Light, Signal Tower Light, Blinking Beacon Light, Buzzers, Horns, and Sirens inform or alarm people, machines and computers, and with a wide range covering in excess of 3,500 articles, signal devices from WERMA offer solutions for the most varied of applications.

Plastic components, electronics, tools, devices and systems are manufactured by us and are guaranteed to be 'made in Germany'.

In manufacturing technology we take advantage of the benefits of lean production processes and intelligent automation. This makes us both flexible and quick.

WERMA is also certified in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008. The quality of our products and processes is consistently and stringently tested. This guarantees uniformly high quality for all WERMA products.

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