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To have a Peace of mind
When you buy cable, how do you ensure safety and compliance to Standards? In many countries, no testing or certification is required before an electrical cable can be imported or sold.
It is really left up to the Buyer’s judgement, without the benefit of any local testing or verification. More worrying, however, is the fact that most cable failures don’t occur immediately. They require electric current and time to reveal their faults, and everything may appear quite normal, until a critical threshold is exceeded - a ticking time bomb!
Very often, the failure takes the form of Insulation Breakdown, which may result in short circuits, sparking and fire propagation. The real cost of repair and replacement is an order of magnitude greater than the original cable cost.
TriCab has invested millions of dollars into a comprehensive quality system that tests and certifies all our cables. Within our state of the art laboratories, specialist technicians continuously test production batches to ensure they comply with standards.

Our extensive facilities include four different fire chambers that allow us to test cable performance under a variety of installation and flame conditions. Our electrical laboratory tests all cable constructions up to voltages of 33KV and includes a purpose built Medium Voltage test facility.
We are currently working towards international accreditation for our testing facilities, and we are routinely audited by global organizations, such as ABS, DNV, Lloyds, BV, ISO and UL.
Every metre of cable supplied has a unique Tracking Reference, that allows us to trace the cable back to each machine, process, operator and material that was involved in its production.

TriCab Industrial Cables

TriCab Shipboard & Offshore Cables

  • TriCab Industrial Switchboard Wire & Panel Wire
  • TriCab Industrial Construction & Installation
  • TriCab Industrial Temporary Power Cable
  • TriCab Industrial Fire Resistant Flexible Cable
  • TriCab Industrial Termite Resistant
  • TriCab Industrial Submersible Pump Cable
  • TriCab Industrial Flexible Portable Water Cable
  • TriCab Industrial Flexible Solar Cable
  • TriCab Industrial Telecom & DC Battery Cable
  • TriCab Industrial Variable Speed Drive Cable
  • TriCab Industrial Flexible Welding Cable
  • TriCab Industrial Flexible Instrumentation Cable
  • TriCab Shipboard IEC 60092-350 LSZH Cable
  • TriCab Shipboard IEEE 45/1580 LSZH Cable