Remote Monitoring & Wireless Sensing Solutions

It’s Time to Mind Your Business!

Monnit Wireless Sensors provide incredible insights & ROI.
Were lock-up protocols followed? Know the doors to sensitive areas are closed. Seem like energy bills are higher? Be alerted as machines use more power—rising consumption often foreshadows sudden failure.

Use remote monitoring to learn more about your operations—and protect them. Sensor data helps trim the fat, maintain mission-critical machines, and target new revenue sources.


What are Monnit Wireless Sensing Solutions?

Monnit wireless sensors allow you to remotely monitor various assets of your business via online connected devices. Our products offer a complete sensing, data tracking and alerting solution that has been tried and tested in some of the most demanding industries.



Global IoT

Engineers, tech mavens, facility managers, and manufacturing execs—those who know their fields better than anybody—have honored Monnit with best-of-breed across the spectrum because they make business better.

And Monnit can do the same for you— no matter what you do or where it’s done. Call or email us and let’s work together.

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