Hannay Reels - Industrial Cable Reel & Hose Reel

Hannay Reels manual hand rewind or auto retractable Cable Reel & Hose Reel are handcrafted from materials of highest quality and designed exclusively for the industry it will be used in; Fire/Rescue, Maritime, Fuel Delivery, Sewer/Waste etc. That means you can trust our rugged, dependable reels to provide perfect fit and function for years to come. 

When it comes to your equipment, you demand quality and value  and Hannay Reels delivers every time. Our reels are never retrofitted to the job. Every one of our cable reels and hose reels is designed and built to your specs of heavy-gauge steel, with exclusive features that help absorb the punishment delivered by even the most demanding applications.

For reels that outlast and outperform all the others, you can depend on Hannay Reels: the leader in OEM, industrial and commercial reel applications.

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