Carlisle - Specialty Cable & Wire


We understand that your performance is on the line, and in some cases, you only get one chance to complete your objective.  Carlisle Interconnect Technologies offers you not only a history of engineering expertise, but also understands that you need a partner in developing the future. We offer the agility and capacity to develop new and innovative ideas from concept through creation, and our breadth of services is not limited to one division. We have the depth of resources to efficiently and effectively meet the demands of your business in your dynamic marketplace. We understand that you may face a world of challenges, but know that Carlisle can deliver world-class products on a global scale.

Let’s work together to tackle your next challenge.

Because when performance matters, you can count on Carlisle.

Faster Than Yesterday, Stronger Today.

It takes more than wings and engines to get a commercial aircraft airborne. The endurance, speed and durability of the hundreds of miles of wire and cable inside each airplane are critical to flight.
Ruggedized to perform reliably in harsh conditions and under extreme temperatures, CarlisleIT wire and cable can be engineered and installed to meet your unique challenges.

  • Avionics RF Cable
  • Industrial Wire and Cable
  • Coil Cords
  • Data Bus and Video Cables
  • High Speed Digital Data Cables
  • Commercial UL-CSA-BS Cable
  • Harsh Environment Aircraft Engine Wire
  • Harsh Environment SWAMP Applications
  • Harsh Environment General Purpose Engine Wire
  • Composite Aerospace Wire & Cable
  • High-Performance Coaxial Cables
  • High-speed Performance Gigabit Ethernet Series