Optical-Audible Combinations

Optical-audible combinations

Visual and acoustic signals for double security

Greatest reliability and safety in all environments

In automated production and in large machine halls, large systems are often attended by only a few employees. This can mean than visual signals are not always within the machine operators' field of view. In such cases, an audible signal is also sounded. Likewise, acoustic warning signals can be missed in loud environments. Here, the additional visual alarm guarantees safety and reliability.


EvoSIGNAL - The quick and easy way to create the perfect signalling solution

Your benefits

The type of visual and audible signals used depends on the application and the surroundings. Thanks to EvoSIGNAL, finding the right signal device is as easy never before: with a mere two sizes (Combinations) and specific assembly adapters we can ideally cover almost any application segments. The new standard solution: modular, simple and easy to use. EvoSIGNAL's unique selling point.

  • Simple and easy to use: we have maintained the full range, yet cut the number of items we supply by 80%.
  • Twin function: TwinLIGHT and TwinFLASH merge two lighting functions in one element that can then be remotely operated and even configured to suit different escalation levels
  • Adaptable: loud volume can be reduced, Midi offers a total of 10 signal patterns
  • Poka Yoke: simple and intuitive assembly – correct assembly guaranteed!
  • Midi Combination as a compact, very loud solution with plenty of potential to attract attention that is even suitable to cover greater distances

Installation Combination

Beacon with Buzzer

Your features

Optical audible Installation Combinations give excellent all-round visibility of the signal and are an industry standard for easy installation in control panels.

  • Easy to install
  • Tamper-proof when installed
  • Minimal protrusion from panel for installations where space is limited
  • Acknowledgement function promotes faster response time and fault repair (450 series)

Design Combinations

LED Multi-Tone Sirens

Your benefits

The Design Combination LED Multi-Tone Sirens provide safety and security in environments with heightened aesthetic design requirements. The innovative housing design makes for simple mounting in many diverse applications.

  • Ideal signalling effect over great distances
  • Multiple visual and audible escalation levels possible
  • Many application options with up to 32 tones available
  • Up to 3 tones controlled remotely for the escalation of signals
  • Includes standardised tones (including those used in fi re alarms)

Heavy-Duty Combinations

Multi-Tone Siren with Xenon Flash

Your benefits

The WERMA Heavy Duty Combination - Multi-Tone Siren with Xenon Flash features a very robust housing. The combination device provides safety and security through reliable, loud signalling in particularly harsh environments. Up to 120 dB for use in extremely noisy environments and signalling over long distances.

  • Multiple visual and audible escalation levels possible
  • Includes standardised tones (including those used in fire alarms)
  • Up to 42 tones for signalling various statuses

Download full Werma Optical-audible combinations Catalog