Buzzer, Siren, Horn & Sounder

Buzzer, Sirens, Horns and Sounders

Signalling with tones and tone sequences

Acoustic signals are everywhere

Acoustic signals warn, protect and guide us in modern industrial society. They operate in situations where caution, prudence and farsightedness are required, drawing attention to emergencies, or calling for action. These signals are understood across the entire world, regardless of language and alphabet. These signals are used where signalling with lights is insufficient or even unsuitable.


EvoSIGNAL - The quick and easy way to create the perfect signalling solution

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The type of audible signals used depends on the application at hand and the surroundings. Thanks to EvoSIGNAL, finding the right signal device is as easy never before: with a mere two sizes (Horns and Sirens) and specific assembly adapters we can ideally cover almost any application segments. The new standard solution: modular, simple and easy to use. EvoSIGNAL's unique selling point.

  • Simple and easy to use: we have maintained the full range, yet cut the number of items we supply by 80%.
  • Adaptable: loud volume can be reduced, Midi offers a total of 10 signal patterns
  • Poka Yoke: simple and intuitive assembly – correct assembly guaranteed!

Installation Sirens and Buzzer

For switchboards and control cabinets

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WERMA Installation Buzzers and Sounders have been specifi cally designed for easy installation in control panels.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Tamper-proof when installed
  • Minimal protrusion from panel installations where space is tight (111)

Design Multi-Tone Sounder

Reliable and universal

Your benefits

WERMA Design Multi-Tone Sounders provide safety and security by providing an audible warning in applications with greater aesthetic requirements. The innovative housing design makes for simple mounting in many diverse applications.

  • Ideal signalling effect over great distances
  • Many application options with up to 32 tones available
  • Up to 3 tones can be externally triggered for the escalation of signals
  • Includes standardised tones (including those used in fi re alarms)

Vocal alarm

Individual and targeted

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This extremely loud Vocal Alarm provides the ability to play application-specific audio files in order to produce clear and targeted instructions. It is particularly suitable for large assembly facilities and can address defi ned groups of people (for example, a particular work unit) in a targeted manner.

  • Reliable alarm output over long distances or in noisy environments
  • Easy to adjust to local conditions
  • Excellent audio and sound quality for optimum clarity of signalling
  • Completely fl exible; select the audio fi le yourself

Heavy-Duty Multi-Tone Sirens

Robust and safe

Your benefits

The robust housings of WERMA Heavy Duty Multi-Tone Sounders are particularly well-suited for use in public areas or in harsh industrial environments. Versions with an aluminium housing and separate certifi cation (German Lloyd) are available for marine applications.

  • Ideal in extremely noisy environments and over long distances
  • Many application options with up to 42 tones
  • Up to 3 tones can be externally triggered for the escalation of signals
  • Includes standardised tones (including those used in fi re alarms)

Alarm Bell

Long lasting classic

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A signalling technology classic: The robust WERMA Alarm Bell for signalling breaktime or machine activation warnings.

  • Many application possibilities
  • Robust housing prevents damage when used in public areas or in harsh industrial environments

Ex Horns and Sirens

For explosive areas

Your benefits

Ex Horns and Sirens from WERMA have been developed specifi cally for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The Ex signalling devices are designed for use in explosive gas and vapour atmospheres (zones 1 and 2).

  • Many years of proven use in potentially explosive areas
  • Light and compact design for easy mounting
  • Diverse signalling options

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