Werma Beacons & Traffic Light

Clear signalling of risks and hazards

WERMA signal lights and traffic lights help you to clearly identify risks and impending threats. Installation beacons for mounting in holes and base-mounting beacons for direct attachment to objects provide clear and effective signalling to make your processes safe.

Overview of advantages:

  • Quick and clear identification of risks and impending threats
  • Various colours, types and durations of signal for clear visibility
  • Safe and efficient processes
Download All Beacons and Traffic Light Brochure HERE.
Select Werma Signal Beacons or Traffic Light

  • Mini-Midi-Maxi Signal Bea...
  • Installation Beacons
  • Obstruction Beacons Light...
  • Monitored Beacons Lights
  • Heavy-Duty Beacons
  • EX Rated Beacons Light
  • Traffic Beacons Lights
  • FlexSQUARE Traffic Lights