Werma Signal Tower Light

Overview of Signal Tower Lights

Whether they are used on machinery and equipment, manual workstations or for access control and point-of-sale systems, WERMA signal towers reliably signal different statuses, such as faults or material replenishment requests. Professional signalling provides your application with greater safety and security and considerably reduces response times. The urgency of the signal can be easily increased using different signal elements. This enables employees to immediately react to faults and quickly resolve any problems that arise. Monitor your processes, make them reliable and keep them running - saving time and money. We call this intelligent signalling technology.
Select Signal Tower Light 

  • Modular - KombiSIGN 40
  • Modular - KombiSIGN 72
  • Modular - KombiSIGN 71
  • Pre-assembled - KOMPAKT 3...
  • Pre-assembled - deSIGN 42
  • Pre-assembled - ClearSIGN
  • Pre-assembled - CleanSIGN
  • Pre-assembled - FlatSIGN
  • Pre-assembled - VarioSIGN
  • EX-Proof Signal Tower