Intelligent signal technology – for the world of today and tomorrow

Clever solutions that simply work – this has been our goal at WERMA for decades, and customers from all over the world confirm our success day after day. We are setting the standards for modern signal technology - and are also defining their future: for more than twenty years with modular signal towers as the industry standard, and with networked, intelligent system solutions today.
The "Made in Germany" label is thereby a guarantee that now allows us to describe ourselves with pride as "Europe's leading signal" .

Intelligent signal technology

The products and solutions from WERMA make processes safe and keep them running efficiently. You can thereby not only permanently optimise processes, but also save time and money. Customers from various sectors all over the world have benefited from our expertise for years. Basically, because we offer clever solutions that work.

We are in a constant state of development

Innovation is the driving force that enables us to expand upon our technological advantages. WERMA carries out both systematic background research as well as specific product development, to which state-of-the-art project management methods are applied.
In our own optical and acoustic laboratories we test and inspect all new developments. A host of patents, design awards and customer evaluations go to prove the success of such innovation management.
Production of hair dryers and motors.
Special switches for automatic timers are manufactured.
Production of buzzers and horns.
Production of hair dryers, motors and automatic timers ceases.
New building construction doubles existing production space.
WERMA presents the world's first modular signal tower, KombiSIGN.
Strong business expansion via new developments, especially of optical signal devices.
WERMA has more than 100 employees.
With the KombiSIGN signal tower, the company is the world's second largest signal tower supplier.
WERMA celebrates its 50th anniversary.
WERMA moves into the largest new building construction in the company history with 3,000 m² of additional work space.
Founding of the subsidiary Werma (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. with its own production location for Asia; a subsidiary in Switzerland is opened in Neuhausen am Rheinfall.
The subsidiary WERMA UK Ltd. is founded.
A French subsidiary is founded.
A subsidiary is founded in Belgium.
Founding of a subsidiary in the USA.
WERMA celebrates its 65th anniversary.

Quality, guaranteed 'made in Germany'
Maximum quality is our aim. This offers the basis for long-term customer relationships and also creates trust. Our employees work with binding and pre-defined quality principles in order to produce products that our customers are satisfied with.

WERMA is certified in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008. The quality of our products and processes is consistently and stringently tested. Plastic components, electronics, tools, devices and systems are manufactured by us and are guaranteed to be 'made in Germany'.

In manufacturing technology we take advantage of the benefits of lean production processes and intelligent automation. This makes us both flexible and quick.

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In the past years, the company WERMA Signaltechnik has repeatedly been distinguished with awards for the outstanding design of our products and also for our social commitment.

WERMA sets signals with these awards and accolades:


  • PDM Star 2005 (outstanding conception of a product data management system)
  • red dot design award 2005 (deSIGN 42 signal tower)


  • product design award 2006 (rotating mirror beacon 885)
  • Equal chances for men and women within the company - state competition 2006
    (Excellent commitment to the consistency of family and profession as well as commitment to arouse the enthusiasm of girls for technical professions).


  • Focus on safety (optical-audible combinations 424/425)
  • TOP (technology-oriented visitor and information programmes)
  • Award for handicapped-oriented employer (communal association for youth and social themes)
  • INKA - The Competition (catalogue distinguished in the 'online' category)
  • Product of the Year: 'WERMA vocal element' (readers' choice of KEM magazine)


  • iF product design award 2009 (LED traffic light 894)
  • Eberhard-Reuther award (IMPULS endowment of the VDMA)
  • Trend 100 Product 2008/2009 (vocal element) (readers' choice of SPS magazine)
  • Red dot design award - honourable mention 2009 (combination flash multi-tone sounder 444)


  • iF product design award 2010 (VarioSIGN LED signal tower)


  • iF product design award 2012 (signal horn 43x)
    TOP 100 Award (The most prestigeous innovation award for SMEs)
  • Shop Usability Award


  • TOP 100 - WERMA receives the quality award "TOP 100" in recognition of being one of the most innovative companies among German medium-sized businesses.
  • INNOVATION AWARD-IT - Best of 2013 - Medium sized company initiative.


  • TOP 100 - WERMA receives the quality award "TOP 100" in recognition of being one of the most innovative companies among German medium-sized businesses.
  • INNOVATION AWARD-IT - Best of 2014 - Medium sized company initiative.
  • INKA Award
  • Family NET Award


Our Corporate Principles

For our customers
WERMA maintains long-standing customer relationships based on friendly and professional service, high-quality products and rapid delivery. Customer-specific product developments are implemented using the same strategic approach.

For our employees
Our employees provide the essential ingredient to ensure the success of WERMA.
We offer our employees exceptional working conditions and benefits in addition
to professional development programmes and a working environment based
on trust and respect.

Within its core markets WERMA grows at a stronger rate than its competitors and
guarantees its presence in all of the important global markets through a network
of WERMA subsidiaries.

WERMA develops products for the signalling sector in addition to related technologies which offer our customers the maximum degree of user benefit and set new standards in our field. We strive to ensure that our products generate a genuine technological advantage.

Continuous improvement
WERMA follows a policy of continuous improvement for all company departments.

WERMA aims to achieve strong and sustainable levels of profitability. This policy enables us to maintain our long-term independence, invest in cutting-edge product development and always be in a position to respond effectively in challenging economic climates.


           Our Mission

Within our market WERMA is recognised as the brand for innovation in all sectors of signalling technology. We are seen as a highly reliable and expert partner with a global presence. The WERMA product range is characterised by breadth, quality and a high level of customer benefit. WERMA is and will remain the market leader for signalling technology in Europe. Globally we aim to be amongst the top two manufacturers.