Explosion Proof Fans & Chillers

Keeping hazardous locations cool is top priority for industrial facilities that utilize large machines and sensitive equipment. Buildings located in high-temperature regions can benefit from cooling systems, ensuring their machines and tools don’t overheat under intense use.
Deploying explosion proof fans and chillers in the work site is one of the most economical, effective and straightforward methods for keeping hazardous locations cool. Not just for machines, such equipment may
also be used to keep the facility comfortable during hot summer seasons. Additionally, the units help promote air circulation, which can prevent the buildup or accumulation of volatile compounds in the hazardous location.
Larson Electronics explosion proof fans and chillers are rated for Class I, Division 1 and 2 and/or Class II, Division 1 and 2 environments. Customers can choose from different fan sizes, horsepower ratings, airflow
specifications (CFM/RPM) and decibel ratings to meet the requirements of their work site. For compatibility with available power sources, the explosion proof fans and chillers listed in the catalog feature a variety of voltage, cable and cord cap options.

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