Solar Powered Equipment

Solar power equipment represents the future of modern lighting and power for industrial sectors. Consisting of solar panels, battery, controllers and lamps or electronic devices, the units are designed for remote locations without direct access to the city grid. As solar power equipment takes on solid-state builds (no moving parts), the products are extremely sturdy and less prone to maintenance, repair, premature failure and breakage.
Businesses adopting sustainable energy practices can benefit from solar power equipment. For industrial sites, solar assemblies offer quiet operation, making deployment in high-activity areas possible. Without needing to invest in costly and timeconsuming fuel trips, commonly associated with traditional portable generators, the risk of disrupting operations is greatly minimized.
Larson Electronics carries a diverse selection of solar energy equipment for industrial applications, such as solar-powered light towers (on trailers or standalone), portable solar generators (trailer-mounted batteries and solar panels) and more. Customers can choose from a variety of solar equipment combinations – a remote panel powering an end device, which could be lamps, security cameras, strobe lights (with different strobing patterns), audible horns for notifications, environmental sensors and more. LEDs, as extremely energy efficient, resilient and compact luminaries, are ideal for solarpowered assemblies.
For classified work environments and hazardous locations, the equipment and solar panels could be explosion proof or weatherproof (for durability in sites that experience unpredictable weather). Controllers, wirings, batteries and other critical components are housed in a heavyduty enclosure, which can be locked to deter tampering, for protection against contaminants, water, dust and corrosion.

Larson Electronics, as a leading manufacturer and provider of solar power equipment, carries solar accessories to extend the functionality, lifespan and features of the products listed in this catalog. Such accessories include batteries, solar panels,controllers, masts, mounting brackets, bulb replacements, extension cords, cord caps and more.

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