Custom Cable Assembly

We offers a wealth of diverse experience that allows us to build from your specs or design custom cable assembly configurations that address your needs. We work with our customers through every part of the design and production process.

  • Specialized, custom premolding and potting, and custom braiding provide abrasion resistance, strain relief, corrosion resistance and waterproofing up to and including IP68 specs for custom cable assemblies that endure moisture, temperature extremes, corrosion and many other hazards.
  • Careful material selection creates cables that meet many regulations.
  • We engineer high-precision cable assemblies to meet very precise tolerances and maintain the same level of quality, build after build.
  • Custom colors and overmolding can be used to decrease installation, training and maintenance times, adding unique shapes and other configurations to the assembly design.
  • We automate as much of the manufacturing process as possible, including stripping, crimping, labeling, and tie-wrapping.
  • Specialized power assemblies include shielding and connectivity that allows manufacturers to take advantage of new energy technologies
  • We been supplying our cable assembly to many customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and China.
Type Of Custom Cable Assembly

  • Portable Generator Cable ...
  • Off-Shore Cable Assembly
  • Depot High Power Charging...
  • Avionics RF Assemblies
  • Data Bus, Power & Video C...
  • Test and Measurement Cabl...
  • UTiFLEX Flexible Cable As...
  • Fiber Optic Cable Assembl...
  • Aerospace Bonding Jumpers