Manufacturing machine and production process monitoring system

26 October 2016

A simple and cost-effective way to monitor your production process.


Most manufacturing machine are supplied with Tower Light to show the ‘machine status’ or ‘machine condition’ e.g. POWER ON, RUNNING, WARNING & DOWN.

So do your production process having a SOP - standard operating procedure for these ‘Status’ change? Most of the time, answer is NO.
For a one simple reason, the lack of uniformity (some machine have, some don’t).

In many case when problem arises, the operator will ‘call for help’ by phone or trying to locate their operation supervisor or machine maintenance team.

Phone might not answered as everyone are tie down at any point of time now-a-days. This may lead to a miss on critical situation. And most importantly, all these actions are not properly recorded.


The Key word here is ‘Recorded’, which is Data Collection. But what’s the point?

  • Productivity analysis
  • Elimination of waste
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Preventive or corrective maintenance planning
  • Argument prevention – production and technician
  • Strategy and future plans for the growth and expansion


What it takes to achieve these?

  • Uniform all your machine (fully auto, semi-auto and manually operated) and work station.
  • Link all to a centre monitor that show of all station’s productivity and runtime modules.
  • Providing Email and SMS notification when critical situation arises.

How to monitor manually operated machine and work stations (e.g. assembly or packaging)?

  • Having a Andon ‘Call for help’ System. (a Smart box with switches for your operation to show quality or problem of work process.
  • Or add Sensor to pick up the ‘status’ you like to know from the work station.

Sounds good, will this system be very costly?

The answer is ‘NO’ due to these factors:

  • We are using a ‘off the shelf’ software. Unable to customised but cost effective and able to provide all the above requirements.
  • Able to utilize 100% of the functions in the software, 100% no hidden cost.
  • No license fee required to install this software, you could install in multiple PC without additional cost.
  • F.O.C. for any future software updates.
  • Easy hardware installation. No hard-wiring required from all stations to centre control because of our wireless technology.



A simplified ,cost-effective solution for Manufacturer working towards LEAN Manufacturing or Industry 4.0.

Providing responsiveness between stations and central control, enable you to monitor all ‘Status’ at a glance and respond quickly to a critical situation with email notification.

Producing reports of productivity and runtime modules to analysis for waste minimization.


NO Licence fee required for multiple user to see the real time ‘Status’ of every stations, obtaining transparency at different level.

NO hard-wiring hassle from all stations to central control with our wireless technology.