Intelligent systems for LEAN Manufacturing from Werma

01 August 2017

WERMA is a leading manufacturer of andon light systems, beacons and sounders - key elements of lean manufacturing.


Visual management systems play an essential part in improving processes and eliminating wastage. A simplified, cost-effective solution with wireless data collection and call-for-action systems enable the identification, notification and rectification of issues on the shop-floor.

This solutions are designed to improve transparency of operation, identify bottlenecks and disruptions to the production flow and lead to improvements in service and efficiency by taking cost and wastage out of the operation.

The monitoring system consists of transmitter units, a receiver and the WERMA WIN software. The hardware is simple to retrofit to existing WERMA signal towers or virtually any other piece of equipment.

The signal towers register status change in the equipment or at the workstation, this information being wirelessly transmitted to WERMA's Wireless Information Network (WIN) software where users can see real time productivity and run time graphics giving them an immediate view of the operation.

Monitoring machine and workstation activity will give much improved transparency of the operation; operators can call for assistance without leaving their stations and the continual logging of status changes enables a full review of downtime and productivity over a specified interval of time.