Industry 4.0 and networking

02 August 2017

A simple retrofit networks by WERMA

More transparency for your processes

Connect your machines and plant, regardless of manufacturer, into a network, including even manual work stations. WERMA offers you simple, cost-effective, Industry 4.0 solutions for retrofitting!

  • Simple and self-explanatory
  • Transparency throughout the entire process
  • Increase your productivity immediately
  • Obtain detailed analyses at the press of a button


Globalisation forces vehicle manufacturers to continuously shorten their production times, reduce manufacturing costs and optimise their processes. This means that the suppliers also have to rethink their logistics processes. The global technology company Continental employs the “just-in-sequence” principle in Regensburg to ensure that the necessary materials are delivered to the production line in perfect sequence.

Automotive suppliers work under high pressure to develop ever more efficient manufacturing methods and shorter product cycles. With less operating space, less infrastructure and shorter development times as well as highly automated processes it is crucially important to provide high-quality products on schedule.

Lean structures and lean processes are a challenge for every company. In order to optimise the efficiency of the value adding processes and to improve the company’s competitive standing, Höft & Wessel use a simple machine data recording system from WERMA Signaltechnik.