Andon Manual Call System for Lean Manufacturing

24 April 2019

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As technology grows, the need for changes also grows. Manufacturing companies are implementing different strategies to create smart factories that are leaner and more efficient. The andon system improves production processes by reducing downtime and reaction time.

Andon is a manufacturing term referring to a system to notify management, maintenance, and other workers of a quality or process problem. The alert can be activated manually by a worker using a pullcord or button or may be activated automatically by the production equipment itself.

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Using the andon system in Lean manufacturing will yield many benefits both in the short and long term. In the short-term, it provides:

  • Visibility and transparency in the production process
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Decreased waste

Long term benefits include:

  • Reduced costs and downtime
  • Enhanced value to the customer because of better quality products
  • Responsible operators who are accountable for the line running as efficiently and effectively as possible-- empowering them to take action when problems arise, rather than waiting for management, etc.
  • Long term improvements to production process

Using WERMA's SmartMONITOR Wireless Andon System made from Germany, implementing new industry 4.0 cultures into your facility is now simpler and more cost-effective.
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Because of its wireless features, installing processes are simpler and cost-effective, since there is no hardwiring or cabling required. 

Manual calls from workstations are able to be viewed at a glance, all from your PC screen. 
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When a workstation presses a button to signal a problem/request, the transmitters that are located at the workstations will send this data over to the receiver in the control room. This data can then be seen through your PC. 
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