Remote Monitoring Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities

16 February 2020


Its not a surprise that a manufacturing facility can have a large quantity of machines at every turn, spread throughout the building. Each machine is crucial to the productivity of the factory and has to be working at full potential to avoid any time wastage. Machine breakdowns need to be resolved as quickly as possible, in order to get it up and running without losing much time. With so many machines, it is difficult to keep track of each condition, and more difficult to react to a problem quickly. If the machine is left in a bad condition for a long time, the situation may even worsen, reducing efficiency.

How Monnit Helps

Our wireless Monnit sensors will work 24/7 to keep track of your machines without the need of human presence, allowing your supervisors to take care of more important matters. Crucial information is stored via cloud and can be viewed on your PC, Mobile or Tablet with ease. If a sensor exceeds a threshold set by you, the relevant people can receive alerts by email, text or call, enabling them to supervise the machines at any place, at any time.

Featured Sensors For

Temperature Sensor

Ideal for any area where extreme temps could degrade performance, assets, or safety. Use to monitor food storage, facilities and more.

Advanced Vibration Sensor

The Advanced Vibration Meter uses an accelerometer to measure vibration and frequency on 3 axes. The sensor reports vibration (acceleration, velocity, displacement, or acceleration peak), frequency (Hz/RPM), and crest factor on all three axes. It also reports duty cycle (how much of the report interval that vibration was present), and temperature.

Humidity Sensor

Monitor relative humidity in facilities & enclosures. Universities, data centers & art galleries alike use sensor data to protect mission-critical machines & priceless artifacts.

Pressure Sensor

By connecting the pressure meter to a pressurized gas, liquid, or vapor supply line, it can measure the pressure within the line and send data to the software for viewing.

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